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As the snow is falling and I am snowed in today, I was thinking about relationships. Why do I pick someone that I can’t easily be with? I think I do it purposely. I seek out relationships, and they always seem to fall in these categories. One straight. I draw straight guys like flies. I have had way more sex with straight men than bisexual or gay. I’ve devoted a very long time and a great deal of energy to trying to figure out why straight men always pick me up. Most of the straight men that picked me up fell into three types of encounters. Most common was what I call busta nut. And this is probably the most common straight gay encounter that occurs. Since I am not an extraordinarily Nelly or feminine guy, I look masculine. But hey, I am petite and pretty compared to most guys. straight guys see me as an excellent way to come with no strings. If we get seen talking in public, I don’t look gay. Then there are straight guys that like caulk in the s. This rare type, I had relationships with many for years. These guys all had kids and a wife. I was excellent friends with the wife. I babysit the kids sometimes the one relationship as I raised two kids for seven years. The funny thing is about this type of straight guy that likes to be penetrated. I’ve only found three and had relationships with two of them for a long time. The last type is the most fun and most scary at times. The aggressive Alpha Man. These guys love to dominate control, violate abuse use, and sometimes hurt weaker men. Suppose you were a feminine gay guy. You have to be extra careful because often, violence and hatred of gays takes place when a group of alphas decides to do a guy. Fortunately, being a more masculine gay guy. I didn’t experience that too much, too. The other type I find is far away or in the military. Oh, word of warning. Very few guys online that say they are military or real. Take great caution. I fell hard for a fake military guy before I knew about the scams out there. But I did have a Navy guy that I had a fantastic relationship with far away. Why? Heck, Grindr or just shopping. I can get a guy quickly. A good looking one, too, even at 55 years old. So why do I develop relationships with guys in states far away? On the rare occasion a guy comes to meet after long online chatting, does it pan out? This is something I’m waiting to see if happens to find out. Three gay attached. Unfortunately, the few gay men I draw are usually bottoms but happily married. I will flirt with them. I will talk with them. And who knows? I might even meet one. But if they’re not accessible for a relationship, and they’re gay, not straight, or bisexual, but gay. That’s just whoring around, to be honest. Well, I’m a little too old fashioned to live that way. If he is gay, and with me, I am with him. Not for sex, but male love. There is a difference. There’s nothing wrong with open relationships or where it’s three way. Now, I would probably not do that. But when I was young, I had a different perspective. For what I want. You probably think me by saying a type of guy is what I would be a good thing. Well, it should be. But here is what I mean. I want a big masculine guy. I want a man who is handsome but regular. I want to top type. Sounds fantastic. Yes, I want that. But I haven’t been a bottom in about one half my lifetime. I like an AMA good top, but I always have wished to be dominated. Well, I do know the answer to this one. I was an adorable young guy and was taken often and not by my choice at first. After I matured, I was tough because I liked it. The other reason I discovered is that the way I could be a bottom is to be taken only a dominant top daddy type could so I fall for that type then unless he figures out to take me. It doesn’t happen. It is like being careful what you wish for because when you get it, you’re going to get it. I mean, if a man figures me out and dominates me plus cuddles too, long story short, he will own my body. And if he cuddles lovingly, he will have my love too. In real life. I mean when I run into someone at the store or museum, I have no problem to Developing a friend to lover, whatever feels right. Seduction is about making him want you not necessarily letting him have you. If you are a gay man, you need to handle your straight encounters correctly. I’m here to tell you nothing will ever happen unless you act with confidence. When something does happen, it’s not going to be like a gay story fantasy where the dude just decides to put out. Instead, you’ve got to be the one in charge. That process begins by showing confidence. And like it or not, that means carrying yourself in a manly way. If you ever want to get that straight guy off, you need to think like he does. I’m not saying you should pretend to be straight, but instead, be aware of his mindset. Don’t hide that you are gay. One of the worst pieces of advice that people give when it comes to seducing a straight guy is to be ambiguous about sexual orientation. How to make the first move, this is understandably the most difficult step when it comes to seducing a straight guy. I’m going to cut through all of the BS and get right to it. When the time is right, you will know along the way, he’s going to give you important signals you can’t ignore. These include laughing at your jokes, asking you questions, and occasionally doing some bro touching. Just go with it. Avoid making the experience. Gay, most straight guys are curious about what it might be like with another man. But the last thing they want is to think what they are doing is gay. We can argue until the cows come home about what constitutes gay, straight, or bi. But that’s not the point here. The goal is to connect with him down the road. If he comes back for more, you can amp things up. But that first time, it’s best just to get down to business. If you have played your cards, right, he’s going to get a hold of you in the future. That’s because he not only trusts you, he also knows that you do a good job of getting him off. Don’t be the first one to reach out. Instead, let him be the one to do it. He may do it by text or a phone call. Either way, he’s the one who needs to make contact, kissing this, I need to stress. There’s a part of you that badly wants to make out with him. But you’re not sure if it’s cool. Don’t do it unless he makes a move in that direction. I mentioned this because if he starts to think it’s getting emotional, he’s going to pull back. Assuming you’ve done everything right, he’s likely going to get in touch with you again. Based on experience, I’m going to tell you here that this is not a green light for more aggressive play, you’re going to have to go through a period where all he’s going to want is quick service. Be open to that. But at some point, he’ll curious about what it’s like to do more. How and what happens next depends on the guy. I’ve met straight but curious men who are all about reciprocation. I’ve met others who want to penetrate. And I’ve even met dudes who want to feel what it’s like to get banged out. Don’t fall in love. I cannot stress this enough. Yes, this is easier said than done. That first time you get him, you’re going to feel a bunch of emotions. You will even be tempted to think of him in boyfriend terms. Whatever you do, don’t. Regardless of what you think of his sexual orientation, you need to recognize that he considers himself to be straight. We both know that the minute the two of us started messing around, his heterosexuality went out the window. But that’s not an argument you want to have with him, or one that you will win. instead. Remember, your connection with him is physical. And it can be that way for a long time. But if you try to make him into your lover, he’s going to run away. There’s plenty of gay men out there that want to date you and husband up. Go for those guys. Think of the straight man you are doing is just that. Not a couple. Okay, that’s it for now. You can have fun with a straight man but keep your perspective honest and real. Also, you should respect their feelings. If you are gay and with a man and particularly a gay man, try these things. Smile genuinely when a guy approaches or says something interesting. display that you are confident. I’m always encouraging people to be more confident men love it. If you seem like you’re not desperate, that you could take or leave talking to a guy, his desire to chase you kicks in goes hand in hand with body language, the more often you touch him, and we’re not talking apparent caresses. Here, the more he’ll want to touch you back. Touch reminds men of yep, you guessed it, sex. So it’s a subtle way of saying I want you. If you want to know how to seduce a man with touch, focus on resting your fingers on his forearm, gently squeezing his biceps. Oh, My, what big muscles you have or laying your hand on his shoulder or back? Try it and see if he reciprocates within a few minutes. Could you give him a smirk? If he uses a cheesy pickup line, you don’t want to send him away with his tail between his legs. But you do want him to know you’re onto him. Make up your smiles like eye expressions. There are tons of ways when you’re on a date or just talking to a guy you want to seduce. be keenly aware of your body positioning. If your arms are crossed, or you’re facing away from him, he won’t get the sense that you’re interested. On the other hand, if you lean in with your arms propped on the table or your hip, this tells him you’re open. If he compliments you smile and look in his eyes and say thank you, or better yet, I know. Hold your shoulders back, shoulders forward, say you’re insecure. The opposite says you own the room. But most of all, be confident. Have no expectations. Be yourself, be honest, and make sure they are. There are so many ways you can express yourself with your eyes. So do ones that reflect you. You can also make prolonged eye contact with him across a crowded room until he takes notice. Then look away. You’ve hooked him. But then it seems like there’s something more interesting that has grabbed your attention. This will pique his interest since he wants your attention back on him and he’ll walk over since seductive texts the secret to knowing how to seduce a man realizes that not all seduction happens in person. You can also fascinate him via text. The key here is not to be blatantly sexual, but to use innuendo to get him thinking sexy without pushing for it. You need to know what type of man you are looking for on the surface. These are the things I seek sexy tattoos and a fit body. A large body frame tall and also looks mean. I like a man that could be a construction worker or a redneck. A dirty mechanic is hot. He will have a hairy chest with a thin line of hair, plummeting down towards his cock over a fit muscular washboard stomach. I like a giant penis instead is uncut is a special treatment friendly, firm but attractive. But whole helps. I’m attracted to a highly masculine type that looks like it either kisses you or robs you. I’m turned on by a kind that could be very dominant and control me sexually. getting and keeping his stuff. There are romantic things that I say such as. When I look into your eyes, I am reminded of how lucky of a man I am. I can’t wait to hold your hand. Suppose you’re sexy and confident. You will prove yourself to be genuine. He’ll want you to mind, body and soul if he sees that you know who you are and what you wish to be including him. Ways to tell someone you want them. Please don’t do things you’re supposed to. Because people say they are romantic. I realize that statement is ironic, considering I’m writing an article on romance. But hear me out. Suppose roses, chocolates and expensive dinners aren’t your things. Could you not do it? Newsflash, not everyone likes that stuff. We’re not all the same. Take the time and effort to be romantic in a way the other person will appreciate. Touch your face and hear when you’re talking to them. Touch them casually on the arm or knee when you’re talking to them. laugh at their jokes. Touch their arm or knee when you laugh at their jokes. Notice when their glass is empty and always offer to fill it up or get them another make eye contact from across the room at parties. Smile. If you get an inside joke going between just the two of you. Work it into the conversation. Often say their name when you’re talking to them. It’s true. People thrill at the sound of their name, especially when uttered by someone they are interested in

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